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Zero Percent Financing Costs More!

Combine our low rates with the dealer's rebate and pay LESS than many dealer loans. Say you want a 5-year, $18,000 auto loan and you qualify for either the 0% dealer rate or a $4,000 rebate and a 6.25% loan from SLCU. In this case, the $14,000 SLCU loan would save you $1,662.62!*

How much can you save with SLCU? Use our free calculator and find out!

Rate vs. Rebate Comparison Calculator
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Dealer rate (%):
Credit union rate (%):
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Length of credit union loan (years):

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Questions? Contact us at info@slcu.com or call us at 952-895-5277 or 1-877-634-0020.

Please note: for security reasons, please do not send us messages containing personal account information such as account numbers or passwords.  If you need assistance with a specific account, please log in to slcu@home and use the secure email or give us a call.

*The interest rates quoted are Annual Percentage Rates. Your savings will vary depending upon the length of the loan, the interest rate, and the rebate amount. Rates are merit-based and not everyone will qualify for a 5 year, 5.0% loan rate from SLCU. 


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