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Call or visit any of our branch locations, or send an email to info@slcu.com. We'll answer your questions and help you make your switch!

Please note: for security reasons, please do not send us messages containing personal account information such as account numbers or passwords.  If you need assistance with a specific account, please log in to slcu@home and use the secure email or give us a call.

It's Easy to Switch to SLCU Checking!

Want to switch your checking account over to SLCU, but nervous about all the paperwork? It's easy if you follow the checklist below. It's time to get the solutions you need and the service you deserve!

Conversion Checklist

Make sure all checks have cleared on your old checking account
Make certain enough funds are available in your old account to cover any automatic payments that may yet need to be withdrawn.
If transferring a Certificate of Deposit, double-check the maturity date to avoid possible penalties.
Send a Direct Deposit Change Request Form to your direct deposit vendors (payroll, social security, CD interest payments, etc.) to inform them of the change.
Send an Automatic Payment Transfer Request Form to your vendors who automatically take your payments from your checking account (utilities, insurance companies, internet service providers, banks, etc.) to change the withdrawals to your new account.
Send an Account Closing Letter to the financial institution that you are closing the account.
Need any other forms? Check out our Checking Account Forms page.

Click here to apply online for a new SLCU checking account. 


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